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Rahming heads to Poland to compete in bodybuilding world championships

The Bahamas’ professional bodybuilder Endierich Rahming will be competing in the International Federation of Body Builders (IFBB) 2018 Elite Pro World Championships in Bialystock, Poland from Thursday, October 27 to Saturday, October 29.

He will be competing in the Men’s Physique division. This is the crème de la crème in the world. It features the top 30 professional bodybuilders in the world. They consists of the 20 winners in various competitions over the course of the year and the top ten ranked bodybuilders in points.

It is an invite-only event.

Rahming said it is truly an achievement and an honor to be ranked in the top 30.

He said, “Just to be ranked in the top 30 in the world is truly and achievement and an honor. It is a great accomplishment. I am truly grateful just to be in that number.”

He added that regardless of coming from a small nation like The Bahamas, it shows that we are powerful as a nation.

“Regardless of being a small nation, this shows that we are powerful. It shows that we are able to compete on a high level with the support of our country, the government and the federation and represent ourselves amongst the great in our time,” Rahming said.

As for preparation, Rahming said he always prepares based on the judges’ opinion from the previous show he was in.

“Preparations for each show for me has always been different. Based on the judges’ opinion on what may transpired at the previous show, I treat my preparation for the upcoming events. It is all about hard work and consistency, that doesn’t change. It is just a matter of bringing a better body than I brought to the previous shows,” he said.

His support team is made up of his family and his gym brothers. He said they are driven and want to see him reach greatness. He cannot forget to thank Club One Fitness Centre for the use of its facilities as he prepared for Poland.

The competition that Rahming will be seeing will be stiff, as these are the best of the best in his division. He is not worried and feels that he is ready to go up against the competition.

He obtained his IFBB professional card earlier this year. He has been bodybuilding competitively since 2015.

The 30-year-old is looking to continue competing and stay consistent, pushing himself further up the world rankings.

Rahming said his greatest challenge is sponsorship and he is grateful for his sponsors.

“My greatest challenge as a pro athlete is sponsorship. I am going to put this out there that to do this consistently and at a high-level sponsorship is required. I am grateful and thankful for the people in my corner.”

Despite the sponsorship obstacle, Rahming said he likes being a professional bodybuilder.

“The upside of being a pro is the acknowledgement that you get as you enter the room. The mere fact that you are a professional athlete in the world of bodybuilding, you are able to travel and compete in shows and see the world for what it is. It is also great to be someone’s hero – being someone that others look up to and want to be one day. The ability to pass on knowledge and information and being recognized for what you are is truly an upside.”

Rahming will represent The Bahamas well on the stage this weekend. He is a very proud Bahamian who enjoys what he does and is looking forward to bringing back the hardware.

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