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Powell heads to 2018 MotoSurf World Cup

Bahamian motosurf competitor Anthony Powell will be heading to Naples, Florida, from November 2-5 to participate in the 2018 MotoSurf World Cup. The event will be held at Sugden Regional Park in Naples, and the races will take place on Avalon Lake.

This is the top motosurf event of the year, and will also conclude the season. Powell, who will become the first Bahamian to ever compete in the MotoSurf World Cup, said he grew up skateboarding, but after seeing the sport of motosurf in action, he tried it and immediately fell in love with it.

“I saw it once. I used to skateboard as a child but the older I got the more broken ankles I got. The first time I saw it, I had to try it and I got up ever since,” he said.

Powell has been involved in the sport for just about a year now, but has become quite accustomed to the motosurf board. He is said to perform like a veteran. The Bahamian athlete said he is surprised at how much he has progressed in the sport over the past year.

“Yeah I am surprised. I went to a qualification race in Cancun, Mexico this past February. That was when I decided to go full force with it,” he said.

The race course entails a track system where an athlete races between buoys. The athlete with the lowest time wins.

Apart from the timed races, there is also a category for tricks. Powell will compete in the timed races.

He was invited to the event to be on Team USA, and is hopeful that next year a Bahamian team will be entered.

“I got invited to be on Team USA this year, but next year, I am trying to have a race here and I want to have my own Bahamian team with some of the guys who work with me,” he said.

After the season, Powell intends to continue practicing, looking always to improve.

“I want to keep practicing for next season, and I also want to get a permanent track and location. I am in the process of doing that,” he said.

He sees the sport growing in The Bahamas on a year-to-year basis.

“Yes, I see this sport growing in The Bahamas. The first motosurf boards were made in 2014. The United States just got theirs certified in 2016 and are compliant. The sport has grown exponentially over the last two years. From I first started last year, the sport has grown 80 percent,” said Powell.

Powell said the water surrounding The Bahamas makes the country a very attractive location for hosting this event. With more interest, he said it can grow on a larger scale where there can be more Bahamians taking part.

“The sport is not difficult to do. I train for Jetsurf Academy Bahamas and I have guests up and running in about 10-15 minutes,” he said.

The competitive motosurf board is equipped with an engine that powers up to 36 miles per hour. Powell said the most difficult part is getting maximum performance out of the engine rather than balancing on the board.

According to Powell, the sport is rapidly becoming one of the more popular extreme sports in the world.

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