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Time to put the excuses aside

Why aren’t you taking your health seriously? On a daily basis, people make the wrong food choices for a number of reasons – whether it’s lack of time, not knowing what to eat, or simply not caring what we’re putting in our bodies.

Think about it. We spend a copious amount of time on the Internet, researching everything else but not researching what we should put into our bodies to create or maintain a healthy lifestyle. If we do research it, we do it at the point where our health has gotten out of control, and we are now trying to undo years of what’s been done.

Educating ourselves on proper food choices and creating healthy lifestyle changes is imperative if we want to obtain positive health.

We live in a high calorie consumption culture. Sunday dinner plates are bursting with a calorie count that can facilitate more than one meal, and we don’t see it as such, because we’ve been conditioned to this type of dining.

I’m a strong believer that individuals, work forces and church communities should incorporate and encourage healthy lifestyles. Having exhibits that teach the importance of health in your daily life can truly create better output in your workforce and most importantly in your daily life.

Creating attainable goals extend to true understanding of a positive lifestyle culture. Start having conversations about health and wellness with your spouses or the people that are around you. By doing this, you create a positive and open dialogue on issues that can be avoided in the long-term.

Most of us are stationary when we get to work. If you’re an active worker then that’s excellent news and you’re doing yourself more favors than you can imagine. For others, we wake up from a lying position… unless you sleep standing up, then that’s another story in itself, we then sit down to eat breakfast, if you eat breakfast at all, then we sit to drive to work, then sit at our desks for the rest of the day and as we all know the cycle continues.

In today’s science, they’ve correlated that sitting for long periods of time has the same, if not more of a negative effect as smoking. I would like you to research this finding for yourself after you read this. It’ll help paint a more in-depth picture of the importance of your health. If that’s not a shocking scientific find, I don’t know what is.

Creating an active culture in your workplace will never be frowned upon. Take the staircase instead of the elevator. We clearly don’t have any skyscrapers in The Bahamas, so that task should not be far-fetched. Start standing whilst on the phone, or walk to your colleague’s desk to deliver information after you sent the email. You may say it’s impossible, but starting a positive trend in your workforce will change the culture of your workforce.

We create excuses for everything when it pertains to us. It’s time to put the excuses aside when it comes to our health.

As Bahamians, we’re passionate and vocal on issues that we don’t have control over. There’s definitely nothing wrong with that, as we need to express our concerns on issues that directly affect us. That same passionate energy we put towards those issues and concerns, is the same energy we need to put towards our health as a nation.

• Stay positive. Be purely consistent. Achieve more. And go get it! Emilio Bullard is a personal trainer at Balmoral Club. He can be contacted at

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