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Never stop learning

So, you were fortunate enough to have had Parents who were able to send you to the very best schools available from which you graduated with flying colors as the saying goes.  You then went away and attended one of the best Universities in the U.S. Harvard where once again you graduated with flying colors getting excellent marks and obtaining your degree.  Now you’re back home and in business for yourself.  So basically, you feel that you have had all the education you need and thus don’t need to learn anything more.  In other words, you’re learning days are over as you basically know it all…..WRONG! ……Yes very WRONG!

My Friend, as the title of this article puts it we should ‘Never Stop Learning’ right up to the very end, right up to the time when we make our transition into the next phase of Everlasting Life.  Yes indeed, as far as I personally am concerned, life itself is a continual learning experience from cradle to grave, from birth to transition; or at least it should be, in my estimation.

However, there are those ‘Sad People’ who think that they know it all.  Now believe me, that really is a tragedy for none of us will ever know it all as there’s so very much to learn.  Yes indeed, if a day goes by when I personally  do not learn something new and exciting, something I didn’t know or understand before; believe me, I consider that day a day lost.

Of course to keep on learning up to the end of this particular life, we simply MUST have a completely ‘Open Mind’ and an honest desire to keep on obtaining ‘New Knowledge’ each and every day as we wind our way along the Road of Life seeking the ultimate, which is of course ‘A State of Perfection’.

So My Friend, as you arise every morning, please open up your mind as you anticipate a ‘New Day’ filled to capacity with a whole lot of new knowledge coming your way, which you will welcome with open arms, as the saying goes, and thus continue to grow in knowledge, stature and understanding as you accumulate more and more beneficial knowledge each and every day.

• Think about it!

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