Tuesday, Nov 20, 2018
Dr. Kristine Parker-Curling is encouraging diabetics to self-manage, and have the ability to check their blood sugars first thing in the morning after fasting overnight. She said their level should be below 130; a good blood sugar fasting number is between 70 and 130. Before meals you don’t want to see blood sugar levels above 180, and hemoglobin A1c should be less than seven percent. FILE

Diabetes is manageable, and complications are preventable. Also, if you have complications, worsening can be prevented, according to internal medicine specialist and endocrinologist Dr. Kristine Parker-Curling who encourages diabetics to take ownership of their disease and health and to know what their goals are and

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Marvin Gay (left), Travis Mackey and Kenja King.

Two former Royal Bank of Canada staff members are facing additional charges of theft from the institution. Police alleged that Travis Mackey, 36, of Faith Gardens, and Kenja King, who were both employed as business service representatives, stole $124,405.68 from RBC in 2016 by falsifying payment

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Marvin Dames.

Calling the viral video of an officer slapping a person who identified himself as a tourist, “appalling”, Minister of National Security Marvin Dames assured yesterday that action will be taken following the results of an investigation into the matter. “I don’t want to prejudice the matter in any way,”

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