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Haitian woman pleads guilty to illegal landing

A Haitian woman who pleaded guilty to illegal landing was yesterday fined $300 or would have to face six months in prison.

Eliathia Louis, 41, of Anse Rouge, Haiti, was arrested on October 26 after arriving in South Bimini on a Western Air flight.

An immigration officer asked to see her passport and saw no evidence of her being landed.

During questioning, Louis admitted that she entered the country by boat on August 17.

Through interpreter Charline Jean, Louis said that she had family ties to The Bahamas.

Also appearing in the same court was 28-year-old Haitian national Yolaine Remy, who was also arrested in Bimini on the same date.

A check of her passport revealed that she had been legally landed but remained in the country for more than two years without requesting an extension from immigration authorities.

Remy was fined $700 or would have to face six months in prison.

Both women appeared before Acting Deputy Chief Magistrate Subusola Swain.

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