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Let your example define you

I’ve stated on many occasions in these articles that there are people who talk and talk about what they intend to do in life, and yet in the end, it appears to be a whole lot of talk with very little action. Then of course there are those who spend their entire life, it would appear to me, talking about the particular man-made religion which they subscribe to, and yet their daily actions which are visible to all do not appear to be in accordance with what they teach to one and all. I remember from my studies in comparative religions, learning that Jesus, the master teacher, uttered a very significant line and it goes like this – by their actions you will know them. Oh, how right he was. And basically, that’s exactly what this whole article is all about, let your example define you.

Yes, my friend, when people know you by what you regularly do each and every day of your life, there will be no reason whatsoever for you to have to tell anyone what you’re all about, for they will know you by your daily actions, or as the title of today’s article sums it up, they will know you by what you do not by what you say you will do. In other words, let your example define you.

For example, if you are continually telling people that they should be kind to one and all, which of course we all should be, especially if we claim to be spiritually oriented, well then, we need to always be kind and loving in all of our daily actions with one and all, with no exceptions. Yes indeed, there are a whole lot of people who as we say, talk the good talk, however, when it comes to their actual actions, they do not appear to walk the walk – no they don’t, and more’s the pity for they will just gain a reputation for being a complete phony, a big hypocrite.

Yes, my friend, you can preach all you like, day in and day out, however if your actions don’t back up your words – well then, the whole exercise is a sham, it’s completely phony and so are you. Believe me, this is not good for you to get a reputation for being all talk but no action. It’s also very detrimental to society as a whole as people become very cynical as they start not to believe anything anyone says any more.

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