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Time to take the stage

Bodybuilding fans will get to see a great show tonight at the second annual Bahamas Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation’s (BBFF) Faye Rolle Classic set to begin tonight at 7 p.m. at the University of The Bahamas Auditorium in Oakes Field.

Nine open categories will be in action tonight as the athletes are excited to showcase their hard work and bodies.

These categories are men’s bodybuilding, men’s physique, men’s muscular physique, women’s bikini, men’s fitness, women’s figure, women’s wellness and the men and women’s sports spokesmodel.

The women and men’s sports spokesmodel are new additions to the classic.

According to Joel Stubbs, president of the BBFF, there are a lot of new athletes in this year’s competition.

One of those new athletes is Phyllice Janeen of 360 Fitness. She will be competing in the women’s figure category.

It is her first time on stage in a bodybuilding show and she said she hopes her nerves do not get the better part of her.

“I’m preparing for what to expect in terms of presenting and posing but I don’t know how I will actually feel on stage that night yet because it is a first-time experience,” she said. “I am just hoping that my nerves don’t get the better part of me. I hope to come out and have fun and not to overthink it.”

She also said she knows that she has put in the hours in the gym and now it is a matter of doing it on stage.

Janeen just celebrated her birthday and said she had to celebrate it without cake and ice-cream for the first time because she had to be disciplined as she prepared for competition.

Garcia Martin is no stranger to the stage. The men’s physique athlete was on stage for the BBFF Nationals and Novice competition earlier this year.

“By the way I have been training and dieting, I won’t expect anything less than to win. I really want to have a good time, I want to have fun. I want to go up there and give it my all and be a good sport about it,” Martin said.

Participating in the new category of men’s sports spokesmodel are Christopher Nixon and Kyle Turnquest.

Nixon said he expects good competition tonight and hopes people are inspired to get fit.

“I expect good competition. I also expect that the people who see what’s happening will be inspired to come out into the gym and get more fit themselves. I believe that fitness is very important in the country,” Nixon said.

He is a certified fitness instructor and is currently completing his nutrition specialist certification.

Turnquest said: “I am very happy they have this division. I am not big and ‘hulking’, and I am not into the routines and posing. I am a model so this will help me propel my modeling platform further and build my brand.”

Jennifer Godet, owner of J-Line Fitness, said the BBFF and gyms are a united front.

“We should all try come to the forefront as gym owners and make sure that we support the federation as best as we can. Each gym has something that they can contribute that they are strong at. We happen to have some of the biggest rooms on the island so we are able to facilitate the walking and preparation using the room and mirrors. As gym owners we need to see what we have to offer to the federation and to the sport, making sure we do our part,” Godet said.

The Faye Rolle Classic is an event on the BBFF calendar in which the federation pays homage to former bodybuilder Faye Rolle who was widely regarded as an athlete with the potential to be great but was sidelined for medical reasons.

Last year’s event was held at Loyola Hall on Gladstone Road. The BBFF will keep it as a staple on its calendar of events moving forward.

Tickets for the event are priced at $20 for general admission and $30 for VIP admission.

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