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PM silent on promised BPL probe

Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis was yesterday mum on a promised probe to investigate matters at Bahamas Power and Light (BPL).

During a press conference where Albany Bahamas donated money to the government’s Over-the-Hill revitalization program at the Office of the Prime Minister, The Nassau Guardian asked Minnis about the probe.

“What that got to do with Over-the-Hill?” the prime minister asked.

Press Secretary Anthony Newbold interjected, “Over-the-Hill, Over-the-Hill.”

Pressed on the status of the probe, Minnis said, “I’m talking about Over-the-Hill today. Stop looking at those texts and stick to the script.”

On August 22, Minnis said the government will launch an investigation into matters that unfolded between some former members of the BPL board and Minister of Public Works Desmond Bannister.

At the time, he said, “…I have informed them (former board) that, in light of what has been transpiring, that the government will initiate a proper investigation into the BPL saga, and when we complete that investigation that will be made readily available.”

He made the announcement after the BPL board was disbanded.

That board was made up of Darnell Osborne, who was the executive chairman, Nick Dean, Nicola Thompson, Patrick Rollins, Ferron Bethel and BPL CEO Whitney Heastie.

Bannister said that relationships within the board had broken down and the board locked horns on almost every issue.

He said this was a great cost to BPL.

Osborne, Dean and Thompson fired back, claiming that “political interference” and a “continuous disrespect” toward the executive chairman were at the root of the former board’s dysfunction.

Two days later, Bannister admitted that there was political interference, but claimed it was after he learned BPL paid for a makeup bill and a home security system for Osborne.

Osborne denied the assertion.

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