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Be a friend, make a friend

There are 20 days to National Friendship Day in The Bahamas, to be celebrated on Wednesday, November 28. Everyone is invited to celebrate this day by being kind and friendly to everyone they come in contact with. In addition, every business, school, and hospital institution, is invited to participate in National Friendship Day by doing something special on that day for your customers.

The theme for National Friendship Day is “Be a Friend. Make a Friend.”

National Friendship Day was first organized in The Bahamas by The Bahamas Friendship Council in 2011. It is designed to rekindle or cultivate and inspire long-term friendship relationships. It is another avenue to rejuvenate a spirit of togetherness, respect for one another, unity and a healthy national pride. The goal is to develop in each individual, the responsibility to restore and keep The Bahamas a friendly nation.

We boast of being a beautiful friendly place. However, friendliness has become a rare commodity.

The idea of National Friendship Day was my brainchild. I organized The Bahamas Friendship Council to seek to change this trend. We believe it is imperative to have one day each year to remind us of our friendship heritage. If we all can be respectful, courteous and kind to each other, we will have a better Bahamas.

Friendship colors: Yellow is the color for National Friendship Day, however, persons or institutions can utilize any of the seven colors that are considered friendship colors – pink, red, orange, blue, peach, yellow and white. It would really beautiful to see everyone and every business displaying any or all of the friendship colors on that today.

Here is what friendship colors website says about the meaning of each friendship color: Yellow means promise of new beginning, feeling of remembrance, welcome back, gladness, delight and jealousy.

Red means love, beauty, respect, passion, and courage.

Pink means sweetness, joy, sympathy, grace, appreciation and thanks.

Orange means desire, enthusiasm, and fascination.

Blue means impossible, unattainable.

Peach means appreciation, sincerity, and gratitude.

White means purity, innocence, silence, faithful, humanity.

Let us all create a colorful friendship day.

Friendship songs: The song for Friendship Day is “That’s What Friends Are For.” Every radio station and business are encouraged to play this song multiple times throughout the day. Other friendship songs for the day are: “Try and Little Kindness” by Glen Campbell; “Anytime You Need a Friend” by Mariah Carey; “Gift of a Friend” by Demi Lovato; “One Love” by Bob Marley; “Thank You for Being Friend” by Andrew Gold; “Lean on Me” by Bill Withers; and “Friends” by Michael W. Smith.

Music can go a long way in helping us to be soft and tender towards each other. I encourage everyone to listen on that day to these songs or any song that promotes friendship or caring relationships. Let’s keep the heart warm towards each other.

The following are things people can do on friendship day. Go out of your way to smile with and greet everyone you meet on that day. Tell them happy friendship day; be friendly and kind to everyone you meet on that day; go out of your way to make a new, long-lasting friendship; renew a lost friendship; make it a point to go outside your comfort zone to connect to someone on that day.

Also, help a neighbor to do something; do something special for a co-worker; send a friendly note or friendship letter to someone; give a cooked meal to a friend or neighbor. Send a friendship card (electronic or hardcopy) to people on your email/snail mail list; have a corner or neighborhood friendship festival/party. The point is to be creative as you could. Have a friendship Sunday/sabbath in churches during the nearest worship day to National Friendship Day.

Businesses can have a friendship day discount or sale on all or select items; have a friendship day treat/party at the workplace for the public; encourage staff to be extra friendly on that day; give away friendship balloons, cookies, tea, water, etc. to everyone shopping at the store. Let the staff wear the friendship day colors.

Turn friendship day into a sharing day on the job. Every employee should bring a simple gift to give to another employee on that day.

• Barrington H. Brennen is a marriage and family therapist and board-certified clinical psychotherapist. Send your questions or comments to [email protected] or write to P.O. Box CB-13019, Nassau, The Bahamas, or visit or telephone 242-327-1980.

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