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BTC launches Hospitality IPTV

BTC officially launched its Hospitality IPTV suite of services yesterday, making way for all small and medium hotel properties in The Bahamas to have similar features to those in-room services typically standard in large, modern hotels.

This move also thrusts BTC past its best-known role as a telecommunications provider, and into the realm of a full-fledged technology company. According to Cable & Wireless (C&W) Business Solutions Architect Shawn Knight, who presented the capabilities of IPTV at a launch event at the Balmoral, BTC can provide a wide range of services to large and small hotels that include anywhere from Internet and in-room guest experiences on the television, to digital signage.

Knight said today’s traveler expects Internet connectivity when they travel, and for their in-room televisions to provide a fully interactive experience, which can include check-out services and on-TV food menus as well as other information.

“We’re also allowing the hotel to integrate their own services into the experience that we present to the guest… so fully customized, fully branded, all the services and amenities that the hotel is able to offer we’re now able to deliver that through the TV solution into the guest room,” said Knight.

Knight said all of the services offered by BTC in its hospitality suite of services are fully customizable and can be bundled with existing BTC services if required by the property.

Director of BTC Business Andre Knowles said turn-around time for the average small to medium-sized hotel property could be around four to six weeks. And he explained that one of the best parts of this new service offered by BTC is there is no need to change the infrastructure of the property, while the televisions only need to have at least 720p resolution, which he said most hotels across The Bahamas already provide in their rooms.

“The wonderful news is you don’t need new infrastructure. We can provide this service with your existing infrastructure,” he said.

“The reason that this is important is we couldn’t say that a year or two ago because to get IPTV you needed to do a total rework of infrastructure but now we have the capability, with gear, to provide the same sort of level of service with IPTV on our customers’ existing infrastructure, which means there’s no more huge capital costs.

“If they have co-ax, not a problem, we can put the gear in and extend the services to their guests.”

At the launch event BTC also showed its ability to provide premium sports channels through FlowSports and premium movies through HBO.

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