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Mitchell launches PLP funding appeal in name of Bradley Roberts

During the memorial service for former Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Chairman Bradley Roberts, PLP Chairman Fred Mitchell pleaded with party members to pay their monthly dues.

Mitchell said if members paid their dues, the party would be able to run itself.

“I figure I could do this because you know Bradley was a straight-shooting man, and there is no time like the present,” said Mitchell during the PLP’s memorial for Roberts on Wednesday night.

Roberts’ body was in an open casket next to a bed of flowers.

“We are going to be 65 years old as a party next week,” Mitchell said.

“We shouldn’t have to be scrapping to do anything. So I want to use this opportunity tonight to ask all of you, as chairman of the party, to plead with all of you, as we go toward the next election, which has already started, let’s win this one for Brad.

“I have a very simple message also. The actuaries have told us, because everybody keeps raising the issue of money and I talked about scrapping to get this done.

“The actuaries have told us that we do not have to operate on a shoestring if all of us would only pay our monthly dues; this party would be able to run itself.

“Let’s think about that for Bradley and dedicate ourselves to supporting the work of the leader and the secretary general as they run this political ship.

“It needs your support. We have a lot of work to do today and the costs are substantial to run this organization.

“We need $150,000 a year, at minimum, to run this operation, excluding the travel, which is now borne personally by party officers.

“There is no honeypot for us; only the modest donations from supporters like you can do this.

“We thank all of our generous donors who give and give, but we also have to be careful about donor fatigue.”

Mitchell encouraged members to make a regular donation to the party in Roberts’ name.

“Yesterday, I started by example, by bringing my dues up to date,” he said.

“I encourage all councilors, before you leave tonight, I hear all of you clapping and saying what a great job, make that commitment tonight before you leave.”

In July 2017, the PLP had a post-election debt of $1.5 million.

PLP Leader Philip Brave Davis said the party will deal with its debt.

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