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Moxey ‘out of order’ for criticizing Davis

Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) Chairman Dr. Donovan Moxey’s criticisms of comments made by Opposition Leader Philip Brave Davis were “out of order”, Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Chairman Fred Mitchell said yesterday.

On Wednesday, Davis expressed outrage over rising electricity costs.

He claimed costs have increased 70 percent.

But Moxey told The Nassau Guardian that Davis was “irresponsible” in making comments without verifying the facts.

“All of those people who do that are irresponsible and they know better, or at least they should know better,” he said.

Moxey said if a journalist is responsible enough to fact check before printing an article, then the opposition leader should also be as responsible.

Mitchell said Moxey should focus less on attacking the opposition leader and more on keeping the lights on.

“Dr. Donovan Moxey’s comments attacking the leader of the opposition as reported in this morning’s press are out of order and inappropriate language for the chairman of a public corporation,” Mitchell said.

“Dr. Moxey should leave the inflammatory invective to politicians who have equal standing in the arena with the leader of the opposition. He ought to stick to the facts and keeping the lights on.”

In an Eyewitness News story, Moxey said: “The bills now have jumped significantly. My own personal bill has increased by 60 percent. This past month has been fairly high. It’s probably been the highest it has ever been.

“And I understand that and I recognize that it is because of the fuel that we are using, and we are doing our best to shift the load back to Clifton; but for the foreseeable future the bills will still be relatively high.”

But while that story has Moxey suggesting that his bill went up due to the load shift from Clifton power station to Blue Hills, which has more expensive fuel, Moxey told The Nassau Guardian that’s not why his bill was higher.

He said the increase was as a result of increased usage, given that he was spending more time in town.

Mitchell said it appears that Moxey “does not even remember what he said”.

“This morning’s backpedalling by Dr. Moxey is evidence of a change to a convenient narrative due to mounting public disapproval regarding the drastic increase in the cost of energy to consumers,” he said.

He added: “Until the prime minister and the FNM are able to start the promised investigation (into affairs at BPL) and come clean on the alleged corruption, no one will believe a word BPL or its chairman says.”

Mitchell said it’s time for the government to “immediately” deliver “both a cost-effective and sustainable solution to our energy challenge” for an already economically burdened society.

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