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Police promise increased visibility after armed robbery spree

With the holiday season approaching and at least 10 armed robberies reported in New Providence over the last two weekends, police are promising to increase visibility.

Chief Superintendent Solomon Cash said police are examining areas where armed robberies are more likely to occur.

“I won’t be able to disclose the zones to you because again some of those operations are covertly done and I wouldn’t want to disclose too much of our in-house operations in looking at these areas to prevent other incidents from happening,” he said.

“…But I can tell you if you see one incident then one is one too many. You will see where the police will up their game and start to send in additional resources just to concentrate on those particular zones where information comes to us where those incidents are happening.”

He said police intend to finish the year strong with a decline in armed robberies.

Although police have not provided any recent crime statistics, Cash claimed armed robberies are down compared to last year.

There were 575 armed robberies in 2017, according to the Royal Bahamas Police Force.

This was a 27 percent decline from the 783 that occurred in 2016.

Cash said, “We are going to pay special attention to armed robbery given that we are going into the Christmas season.

“We know the temptation is there of persons of criminal behavior to attack victims and take their belongings.”

He said police have already implemented strategies to protect the public during the holidays.

“Of course, moving into the Christmas season, we have already commenced strategies as it relates to additional resources in the shopping zones,” Cash said.

“So we can say to members of the public that they will be seeing police about while they do their Christmas shopping or any other shopping as a matter of fact.”

He said there will be more “officers on the ground walking the shopping centers” and officers in cars patrolling the areas.

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