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The festive season is about to commence, stay the course

It’s that time of year again – and it starts with the Thanksgiving soirées at the office, then it trickles on to the elaborate Thanksgiving spreads at friends and family’s homes. Christmas is knocking on the door and all the time you thought you had, you no longer possess.

Everyone deserves a great time. You’ve worked vigorously all year to meet quotas or you’ve established a perfect routine that’s helped you achieve positive fitness and lifestyle goals.

No one wants to take that away from you. I think this is the perfect time for the classic notion, all work and no fun makes Johnny a dull boy. Remember with this time of year, these festivities are a dime a dozen. November warms you up for the big parties in December.

So how can you stay the course without overly restricting yourself to the anticipated shenanigans for the end of the year?

First, be aware of your intake. I know you’ve been saving yourself for specific events. Whether it’s the dips, the pastries, the elaborate protein dishes that are prepared a plethora of ways, that potato dish that has the one sauce on it that your colleague makes, no matter how good it looks, remember you can only intake so much. Now isn’t the time to throw everything you’ve done and progressed to, into the hands of the “festivity gnome!” Be mindful of your plate size during parties. The bigger the plate, the more inclined you’ll be to fill it up, especially if there’s seconds involved. Choose smaller plates to help with food control. Realistically, you don’t want to intake a day’s worth of calories in a sitting.

Secondly, don’t starve yourself for events. Yes, you want to indulge, but waiting until the party to let loose, isn’t the right approach. Instead have a light breakfast and a light lunch, at least you’re still feeding your body and giving fuel to your metabolism, instead of waiting for the final hour to do the dirty work. You’ll end up eating less and not feeling as bad when you leave the party because of overindulgence.

Lastly, stick to your plan. We know the festive season is about to commence. Be mindful of your plan throughout the season. If you’ve planned to do workouts three times per week, make sure you do them. It’s best to stay mentally and physically consistent, rather than halt your progression for a month-and-a-half. Your waistline and your mental presence towards the festive season will thank you.

Stay your course and be persistent in your goals. Not because it’s that time of season, it means you have to regress.


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