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You’ll be old one day

I must admit to the fact that I’m getting on in years. However, thank God I am still in pretty good shape for the number of years I’ve already spent on Planet Earth. But you know, there are some people who do not treat those who are getting on in years, with the love, caring and dignity which they really should. After all we must never forget the fact, that hopefully we’ll all grow old one day and I’m quite sure that when we reach what is so often referred to as our senior years, we’ll be treated with love and dignity and not just figuratively put on a shelf to gradually fade away.

Yes indeed, we should never lose sight of the fact, that the universal law of cause and effect rules the world and of course our individual life. So, in effect, how we treat others in their senior years is how we ourselves will be treated when we arrive at that same place. Of course, cultures vary from one part of the world to another.

For example, in Japan, they apparently have great respect for the elderly. Yes, they do. In fact, when the parents live in the house with one of their children and their spouse and children – their grandchildren; the master bedroom is made available to the seniors whilst the children and grandchildren occupy the other bedrooms. In other words, in Japan they really revere the elderly and thus treat them with dignity and respect. This is the way it should be from my perspective.

Now I wonder how you feel about this subject? I wonder if you’d really respect and treat your parents with dignity as they approach their senior years? I do hope for your sake you treat them with love and dignity. Yes indeed, as we treat others in every phase of their life, so too shall we be treated for that’s the law – God’s universal law of cause and effect.

Yes indeed, as today’s title puts it, you’ll be old one day. Yes, hopefully you will, and I’m quite sure you’d like to be treated with love, thoughtfulness and dignity at that period of your life, in your senior years. So, in conclusion, at all times treat others in the same way you’d like to be treated and you will be ensuring a happy, dignified and love-filled period in your senior years. What you put out, you ultimately get back.

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