Saturday, Apr 4, 2020
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Editorial | Being properly informed

The Nassau Guardian turns 174 years old today. We have chronicled events in this country across three different centuries. We have been with these islands when they were under colonial rule, to merchant class rule, to majority rule and to independence.

The newspaper was founded in 1844 during a slavery debate. It has grown to being the country’s most diverse media company. We are The Nassau Guardian, The Freeport News, Star 106.5FM, Guardian Radio, Print Masters and a television partnership with Cable Bahamas called Our News.

The Nassau Guardian seeks to be a paper of record you can rely on. This is all the more important in the social media age.

There is so much fake news, distortion and misinformation out there. We want to be a place you can come to in order to get facts and reasonable opinion. We want to make you think. We want to challenge your views.

Though we try, we do not always get it right. But when we do not, we acknowledge our error, correct it and seek not to make that mistake again. That’s because we take seriously the trust that exists between you and us.

It is important that you stick with credible media when seeking information. Much of the “news” out there on social media is nonsense. Propagandists create some of it to draw you to their position. Some is just false, created by people who do not fact check or care about accuracy.

If you get most or all of your information from social media you will be misinformed and think fake things are true. You will not have the tools to understand your community or the world around you.

It is especially important for parents to expose their children to reliable media. If they grow up only reading from their Facebook newsfeeds, their intellectual development would be stunted. To be an adult capable of leading, understanding national debates and issues, one needs to be exposed to credible sources of information from young.

The standards of old journalism are still important. Accuracy matters. Seeking the views of both sides still matters. Truth still matters.

We are proud of our team of editors, reporters and production, administrative and advertising staff who put the paper together every day. There is effort placed into creating a product the community can rely on.

We thank our readers, listeners and viewers for sharing this journey with us. We thank our advertisers for their support. We will work to keep your trust. We will continue to grow. We will continue to fight to be your first choice in news in The Bahamas across all media platforms.

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