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Carey takes the high road in congratulating Archer

It was a tough Saturday for Rosamunde Carey and her Team Bonafide Innovators as they were unable to grab a win in any of the seats they contested at the Bahamas Association of Athletics Association (BAAA) election of officers at the Thomas A. Robinson National Stadium. Attorney Drumeco Archer and Team GOAT (Greatest of All Time) won comfortably.

Carey, who lost her presidential seat 41 to 26 to Archer, said the voting just did not go in their favor. She feels that her team put forward the better candidates, but has accepted defeat, and is prepared to assist where necessary. She took time out to congratulate Archer and his team on being victorious at the polls.

“It didn’t go in our favor for Team Bonafide Innovators, but we want to congratulate the new president, Drumeco Archer and his team who will now form the new governing body for track and field. We are not disappointed, it is what it is,” she said. “You have to allow the electorate to make their choice based on what they thought the campaign and issues were. It’s unfortunate. We felt like we had the better platform and candidates but at the end of the day, it’s the clubs that made the decision and we accept that and move on. We have to honor that. This is who they want to govern them for the next four years and we accept that.”

Carey said she respects the voting process and added that the clubs have spoken.

“I will not put up a fight. It is clear that this is their wish and it is pointless in saying you want a recount. We do wish the new administration well,” she said. “Track and field is a very integral part of the Bahamian society so you would want to have unity and peace. I did not have that during my tenure. It is never good when you have a split administration, some from the other side. It is always better when you have a full team and this is now what they have and we do wish them well.”

Carey said she will now take a break from everything and focus on her husband and family. She said that she is certain that her family is happy to get her full attention.

“I have so much plans in place. I am sure that my husband is glad that he has me back 100 percent; always being at meetings, going here and there dealing with BAAA matters, always on the phone with coaches and athletes with concerns. The first thing I am going to do is to take a break, deal with my husband and family and enjoy the Christmas season. Personally, I do have two big projects coming on stream work wise so I do have a lot on my plate,” she said.

Carey will sit on the executive board for the next year as the immediate past president. She is willing to offer any guidance and expertise, if the need arises. Carey said they all have to pitch in and work to make the sport better to take it to higher heights.

Looking back at her term as president, Carey said there isn’t anything that she would have done differently and said her focus has always been to do what is right for the federation.

“Looking back over the last term, I don’t think that there is anything that I would have changed. My focus was always to do what is right for the federation and to make sure that every team travelled. That was a challenge financially, but we pulled it off,” she said. “Persons, including myself, had to dig deep into our pockets to ensure that every team regionally and internationally travelled and that we did not disenfranchise any athlete. Every athlete who qualified travelled on every team. Every coach who was able to travel, travelled. There is nothing that I would have done differently that would have affected the outcome.”

As for vying for a position in the future, Carey said she is finished with that part of her life. She said there were some misogynistic attitudes toward her over the last term, and even up to election morning, there were some who told her they preferred a man at the helm of the federation than a woman.

“I do not see myself coming back after this term. In four years, I would have moved well beyond coming back to run again,” she said. “I thought that I did a respectable job, being the first female president to be elected. There were some misogynistic attitudes that I got and you had some persons who did not think that I did well. Also, a lot of them who voted against me said we thought you did an awesome job but we wanted a male at the helm.”

Carey came under scrutiny at times in her term as president. She said she now has time to spend with her family and she wants to see track and field do well in The Bahamas.

Over her term, The Bahamas hosted the 2017 International Association of Athletics Federations’ (IAAF) World Relays and the 2018 CARIFTA Games.

Making up her team on her slate were first vice president candidate Carl Oliver, second vice president candidate Sandra Laing, vice president of finance candidate Gail Clarke, vice president of marketing and public relations candidate Philip Gray, vice president of business operations candidate Cedricka Rolle and vice president of technical operations candidate Patrick Adderley.

New BAAA President Archer said he is also open to working with outgoing president Carey and anyone who loves the sport of track and field. His GOAT administration is hoping that it is the greatest administration of all time as they get started on unifying the track and field community in The Bahamas.

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