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Let’s talk about health

Is the discussion of health and wellness in this country taboo? It seems as if we are adamant on discussing and taking other aspects of our lives seriously, but when it comes to our nation’s health and our personal health, we take on a different approach.

Our overconsumption should be the catalyst for how we directly discuss our health issues. We overindulge in everything, from food to alcohol. The regular Bahamian plate doesn’t leave any macronutrient unturned. We have a high carb, high fat and high protein base of regular eating that’s causing a greater negative epidemic in this country than we could imagine. We experience this every Sunday. For some, it’s almost every day. Understanding what’s on your plate can have a greater affect (positive or negative) towards your long term health than you think.

Our young people are overweight and so are our adults. Personally, I believe food and health nutrition should be a pre-requisite course in every school. If our young ones are taught about nutrition at an early age, the likelihood of us having an obese culture should decline.

We are doing ourselves an utter disservice by not educating ourselves and our young ones about proper nutrition and balance. We all drive through town after 3 p.m. and see how many kids are walking onto the public transports with fast food. This is a daily approach that can have negative effects on them quickly. If they do this for a full term, imagine how much damage they would do to their bodies. Something small then becomes a prolonged negative effect for them, and they don’t realize it.

We discuss everything liberally, but when it comes to our health, we have more home remedies than solidified solutions. You can take every pill in the world and concoct every home remedy on the planet, but if you’re not actively doing something about your health, you’re just prolonging the inevitable.

If you think about it, many co-morbidities can be avoided. Most of them can even be reversed. Hypertension and diabetes can slowly be reversed through proper nutrition and exercise. These are the daily discussions we should be having with our pairs. The importance of longevity, not only for you but for the people that love and care about you.

It simply starts with conversation. If we can start discussing it, then we can begin educating ourselves and our loved ones about the importance of health and wellness in our country. The mind blowing additive to this whole obesity phenomenon in our country is, there are just shy of 400,000 people in our nation. That my friends, is a small county in the USA.

Let’s take a look first at ourselves and start the process. Have the health discussions with your loved ones and your doctors. Just how we love to talk, let’s start loving to do action. I’ve said it before, we are strong talkers, but the doing part, we need a plethora of help with.

Now isn’t the time to chastise your neighbor for their lack of knowledge. It’s time to uplift one another with positive dialogue about the seriousness of long term health in our country. Our stagnant lifestyles don’t help our end goal, but it is imperative that we as a collective create a definite start point.

• Stay positive. Be purely consistent. Achieve more. And go get it! Emilio Bullard is a personal trainer at Balmoral Club. He can be contacted at [email protected].


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