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Multitasking my foot 

have noticed people in various places watching TV, listening to stuff on their cell phone and talking on the regular phone all at the same time. When I remarked on it, stating that a person couldn’t possibly be paying complete attention to all of these at the same time; I was told that the person was, as he put it ‘multi-tasking’. I said to myself the phrase, which is the title of this particular article ‘Multi-Tasking My Foot!’ It is my opinion that there is no such thing as ‘multi-tasking’, that is of course if one wishes to do things properly.

That’s right, I find that some who say they are multi-tasking are making a whole lot of mistakes and thus many of the tasks which are being undertaken are done poorly. I do believe that in order to do things properly without making a whole lot of mistakes, we need to focus on one particular task at a time and make sure that we do it properly. The human mind is structured in such a way that it is much more appropriate to just focus on one particular task at a time; that is of course if one wishes to do it correctly with a minimum of mistakes.

From my personal perspective and from a whole lot of observation of so-called ‘multi-taskers’, so many of them make mistake after mistake, which means in effect, that nothing gets done properly. Surely this is madness, yes it is. If we want to complete an important task and do it correctly, it is my opinion that we should give all of our attention to that task without any distractions whatsoever, thus we will not make mistakes and will complete the task successfully.

Yes my friend, so-called ‘multi-taking’ is a ‘NO, NO’ as far as I am concerned. After all the police are insisting that we not use our cell phone whilst we are driving our automobiles as this could cause accidents to occur, some of which are deadly and result in death. Surely this undeniable fact will convince all of my valued readers to only undertake to do one task at a time and you’ll be successful.

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