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Minister Rolle’s proactive approach is commendable

The present minister of youth, sports and culture, Lanisha Rolle, is taking steps that are indeed commendable, as she seeks to get the best grip on the national sporting scene and a general insight into the connecting regional and international pictures.

I can verify that in the few months since being appointed as the government of The Bahamas’ point person for sports, she has been reaching out to leaders of various programs. This is indeed praiseworthy. The minister, obviously, is not inclined to just depend on data provided, and perspectives afforded, by her predecessor or officers and executives she met upon taking over the ministry.

There is absolutely no intent here to paint those who would have been giving guidance thus far negatively, or as not being on balance and accurate. It is just extremely rich for the minister to make her very own determinations about the respective scenarios within the national sporting landscape and the personnel who lead the initiatives.

Minister Rolle will thus find that she is becoming best fortified with knowledge and the proper workings of the sports system nationally, regionally and internationally, by taking such an approach.

Perhaps she will be a pleasant surprise. The individual networking she has undertaken will be much more progressive than group meetings, to an appreciable degree. One-on-one sessions will enable her to get more depth of the various elements of sports and those who make up the fraternity.

She met a loaded plate when she succeeded Michael Pintard. It is very likely that the tightening of the government’s financial belt by Minister of Finance K. Peter Turnquest limited Pintard severely. Whatever the case, a lot was left undone. The great challenge for Minister Rolle will be conveying the many financial needs and sporting demands with persuasiveness to her Cabinet colleagues, if the brand is to be enhanced.

Her job is not an easy one. She enters the national sports domain with a questionable political background. As minister of Social Services and urban development, Rolle was in a tough terrain. Her leadership image suffered.

This is a rebound opportunity for her, and she is to be congratulated for, at the very least, going about her sporting responsibilities sensibly at the outset. In this space when she was first made the minister of youth, sports and culture, I pointed out the importance and necessity of a grace period. That’s fair.

She seems to be making excellent use of the period of vetting. I reiterate that fellow sports leaders across the nation ought to give the lady a chance. We should collectively support her and give our own guidance toward greater recognition of sports as the prime commodity in the country.

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