Sunday, May 31, 2020

Cool it

Boy oh boy, no better advice was ever given to you, than that contained in today’s short two word title ‘Cool It’. Yes indeed, there are far too many people today, both young and old who appear to be completely out of control, and indeed many more who are just looking for a reason to get annoyed and then get involved in a verbal altercation, or an actual physical fight. Let me state very clearly, that the calm person who is slow to anger, is the type of person who will A. have excellent health of body, mind and spirit B. will endear him/herself to others who will always be glad to see them. C. will live a long life and D. will be most successful in all that they undertake in life as they will attract toward them other calm, in control of their emotions people who will go out of their way to assist them as they travel The Road of Life, eventually arriving at the proverbial ‘Success City’.

Yes indeed, if you wish to be well liked whilst also succeeding at everything you undertake in life; there’s no doubt about it whatsoever, that when you remain calm and in complete control of your emotions at all times, you will get ahead much quicker, have excellent health, across the board, and become and remain very successful and indeed happy in life.

Now having read what I’ve stated so far; you may say, well I do try to stay in control of my emotions throughout the day, evening and night, but it gets more and more difficult to do this, as there are a whole lot of people who continually seem to be annoying me. My Friend, please get this into your head right now. No one but no one can annoy you without your permission…no they can’t!

So my friend, in conclusion, if and when people try to annoy you and you feel that you’re about to lose it and thus not be in control of your emotions; well then, remember the title of today’s article and thus just ‘Cool It’, before things escalate into a major problem as you lose control of your emotions. Believe me, if you take my advice here today, you’ll live a long, prosperous, health-filled and successful life…yes you will!

• Think about it!

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