Tuesday, Jun 2, 2020
Homenewsletter-sportsJBLN teams up with I-Recruit to stage baseball/softball showcase

JBLN teams up with I-Recruit to stage baseball/softball showcase

The Junior Baseball League of Nassau (JBLN) in conjunction with I-Recruit are pleased to announce a college recruiting showcase for both baseball and girls’ softball, set for this Saturday at the JBLN Baseball Complex in Nassau East. The showcase is for young boys and girls in grades 10 to 12.

A number of selected players from JBLN’s baseball and girls’ softball divisions will be evaluated by a team of college coaches during the showcase. The baseball workouts will be conducted from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and the girls’ softball workouts will be conducted from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Coach Geron Sands and Coach Albert Cartwright, from the I-Recruit Baseball Organization, have always stressed the need for young athletes to have an opportunity to be able to go to college and get tertiary level education while playing and excelling in baseball and girls’ softball. They have joined forces with Kimberley Sweeting, who is now a full-time certified athletic and academic college recruiter, and have created I-Recruit.

The coaches said there was also a need for the Bahamian student-athletes to be able to have a chance to get into the colleges and universities of their choice, and this showcase provides another avenue for them to do so.

I-Recruit has teamed up with partners from the United States and has a network of over 1,300 colleges and universities with already established relationships nationwide. These relationships are used to personally communicate with college coaches and get I-Recruit prospects identified and actively recruited.

“We know what college coaches are specifically looking for in upcoming recruiting classes,” said Sweeting, the business operations manager for I-Recruit. “This knowledge allows us to put the prospects in front of colleges that are realistic for each prospect. We are hands-on. We are at events, and our careers are based on the trust and relationships that we have developed with college and universities. We are completely honest with college coaches, prospects and families.”

The initial meet-and-greet session is set for this Friday night, when parents can meet up with the college coaches and scouts and determine the best course of action for their children. On this night the parents will find out what is required for their children to be recruited.

“It’s all about getting parents comfortable with what we do,” said Sweeting. “The whole idea is to get these students and athletes recruited. We’re looking to help them get scholarships, and that’s academically and athletically — in baseball, softball, track and field, swimming and even sailing. We saw a real need here with the kids as it relates to them going to colleges and universities and we’re working to have that resolved. It’s going to be very exciting.”

About six college coaches and scouts are here for the showcase on Saturday. Once they get done with the meet-and-greet session on Friday evening, profiles will be created of the kids, and they will be forwarded to the 1,300 colleges and universities in the database. Once the respective students and athletes meet the required standards, they will be contacted and the offers will start coming in.

About 30 to 40 youngsters are expected to take part in the showcase this weekend. The meet-and-greet session is set to take place at Evangelistic Temple on Collins Avenue (upstairs in the conference room) tonight at 6:30 p.m. During that session, parents and their children could partake in detailed discussions about I-Recruit and put questions to the panel.

“With our unique, hands-on process, we recruit and guide athletes, students and their families through each step of the process while maximizing their exposure to colleges, making the process simple and helping the Bahamian athletes and students get the best opportunity in their education and sport,” said Sweeting.

Parents with children in grades 10 to 12 are encouraged to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

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