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Survey results reveal high satisfaction with NHI

The majority of beneficiaries of the National Health Insurance (NHI) initial primary care benefits package are satisfied with the healthcare provided to them, according to the results of a recent survey conducted by the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA).

The patient satisfaction survey, which polled 5,122 beneficiaries between July and November 2018, found that 57.64 percent were very satisfied with their healthcare experience, while 38.07 percent were satisfied.

Asked about the quality of service received, 57.96 percent of respondents said the quality was “very good”, and 38.48 percent of respondents deemed the quality “good”.

Other notable results from the patient satisfaction survey include the following:

Over 95 percent of beneficiaries strongly agreed (62.5 percent) or agreed (34.08 percent) with the statement, ‘My NHI doctor cares about my health’. When asked how long it took to get an appointment with their NHI doctor, over 95 percent of beneficiaries responded there was ‘no appointment required’ (47.22 percent) or ‘1—7 days’ (48.59 percent). When asked to rate the NHI doctor’s office/facility in which they received care, the majority of beneficiaries responded, ‘very good’ (52.6 percent) or ‘good’ (43.4 percent).”

NHIA Chairman Dr. Robin Roberts said he expects more Bahamians to have positive experiences once the planned expansion of primary care services is rolled out.

“As we take steps to improve NHI Bahamas, it is encouraging to see that so many Bahamians have already had positive experiences with the program so far. The positive feedback collected from the patient satisfaction survey is testament to the good work NHI providers are doing to provide quality, affordable care to their patients,” he said.

The NHIA intends to introduce the Standard Health Benefits package before July 2019.

The scheme is expected to cost $100 million per year.

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