Monday, Dec 10, 2018
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Jubilee Gardens incident was second double murder for week

Two men were found shot to death in a vehicle in a driveway in Jubilee Gardens with the engine still running, shortly after 11:45 p.m. on Tuesday, police said.

Officers made the discovery after responding to reports of gunshots.

Police Press Liaison Officer Superintendent Shanta Knowles said, “We are getting information that one of them may have been visiting someone at that residence, but [we have] not yet confirmed if they live there, but may have been a visitor to the residence.”

Police had no suspect or motive for the killing up to yesterday.

Knowles said while they are working several cases, police see no connection between the latest incident and the double shooting of Ashlee Hilton, 30, and George Neil Deveaux, 33, that occurred on Monday at Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre.

“We are working both cases [and] at this time we see no evidence to connect those incidents, but we are actively working both cases, hoping that as quickly as possible we can resolve them,” she said.

Police made their usual appeals to the public for any information regarding the latest incident.

Knowles added that police have scaled down officers on administrative duty and added them to patrols, which will include 24-hour visibility from both undercover and uniformed officers as the holiday season progresses.

According to Knowles, the latest killings took the country’s murder count to 86 for the year.


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