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Valley Glory

After placing second in the Boxing Day Junkanoo Parade, the Valley Boys yesterday rose to victory, performing under the theme “We Give God Thanks and Total Praise”.

The Valley won Best Performance, Best Music and Best Choreography. It received 86.95 points overall.

The group dazzled the crowd with dancers dressed as churchgoers and angels as they stormed Bay Street around 7:45 a.m.

The Roots clinched the second spot with 86.47 points.

The group had as its theme “Religion – Hope for Mankind”.

It won Best Off-the-Shoulder, Best Step Down, Best Lead Costume, Best Overall Costume and Best Banner.

Fans of the Shell Saxons Superstars, who had hoped for redemption after a disappointing fifth place finish last week, faced further disappointment as their group came up short.

The Saxons placed third with 86.43 points.

The group won Best Shirley Street Performance and Best Free Dance. It performed under the theme “Join Da Party. Let’s Celebrate Your Festive Occasion”.

One Family, which won the 2018 Boxing Day Parade, placed fourth yesterday with 85.27 points.

The group’s theme was “The World of Art. Imagine, Dream, Create.”

Genesis came in fifth with 59.84 points after receiving a 20-point penalty. It performed under the theme “Hispano – A Foretaste of Beauty and Splendor of Latin Culture”.

Hallelujah Square

Dion Johnson, a Valley Boys group marshal, said the victory was the result of long nights in the shacks.

“We’re elated about the Valley Boys victory here tonight,” Johnson said.

“We work hard in the shack and it is a tribute to our leader, our past leader [Winston] ‘Gus’ Cooper. He worked hard and the work ethic [is] in us to make the Valley Boys what they are today.

“It’s an excellent feeling. At the end of the day, between Boxing Day and New Year’s is seven days. They get to celebrate for seven days but the Valley Boys get to celebrate for a year.”

Sharmaine Smith, who has rushed with the Valley Boys for more than 20 years, said she still felt anointed by the group’s performance.

“This was well deserved,” Smith said.

“The Valley Boys changed the name of Rawson Square this morning to the Hallelujah Square. I feel like I’m in heaven.”

Shaquille Lewis, who rushed with the brass section, said he was elated to hear the group not only won overall but also best music after a rocky performance last year.

“This was a sweet victory because we’ve been working so hard,” Lewis said.

“Last year we had some difficulties. We had some downfalls. We went back to the drawing board and we corrected what we had to do. We went on Bay Street executing what we’re supposed to do and we came out victorious.”

A victory for Colours

Colours Entertainment won the B group category; Original Congos placed second; Fancy Dancers came in third; Redland Soldiers fourth; and Conquers for Christ fifth.

Colours had as its theme “Festivals of The Bahamas”.

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