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JCNP discussing changing date of New Year’s Day Junkanoo Parade

With only 57 percent of Junkanoo tickets sold for the New Year’s Day parade, Junkanoo Corporation of New Providence (JCNP) President Silbert Ferguson said yesterday that the corporation is considering changing the date of that parade.

“Believe it or not, 50 percent of that 57 percent showed up on the last day,” Ferguson said.

“We are thankful that patrons came out and supported us on New Year’s [Day].

“We sold a little over 4,700 seats for the parade.

“The arena has roughly about 8,300 seats and so we had the opportunity to host 57 percent New Year’s Day.

“This is like the third or fourth year in a row that we are having right under 60 percent for the New Year’s Day parade, so we have to start to look at ways that either we can improve that or perhaps there is going to be an opportunity for the JCNP to perhaps move the New Year’s Day parade probably to January 10 or whatever, to give persons the opportunity to come out like three weeks later, instead of one week later.”

Asked whether a proposal has been made to change the date, Ferguson said, “There [have] been conversations that [have] come up with regard to moving the New Year’s Day parade to January 10 on Majority Rule Day.

“As well as there’s also been a conversation that we need to probably go to a pay-per-view system on a New Year’s Day, so persons who want to watch it at home will probably pay a small fee and that will give us the opportunity to raise those funds.

“But at this time, all is conversation, and as the JCNP moves forward, along with the Government of The Bahamas, they’ll have the opportunity to make that decision.”

Prior to the Boxing Day parade, Ferguson said it would take $28 million to produce both parades this season, a cost he said is supported mostly by participants with an undying love for the festival.

In terms of revenue, Ferguson said at full capacity ticket sales barely garner enough to cover the cost of the prize package.

After placing second in the Boxing Day Junkanoo Parade behind One Family, the Valley Boys rose to victory at the New Year’s Day parade, performing under the theme “We Give God Thanks and Total Praise”, also taking home best performance, best music and best choreography.

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