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Man fined for intent to supply drugs

A 35-year-old man who police saw selling drugs on Wednesday avoided spending three months in prison after paying a $150 fine.

Jamal Bowe, 35, of Apple Street, pleaded guilty to the charge of possession of dangerous drugs with intent to supply over the five grams of marijuana police seized after searching his premises on January 1.

According to the prosecutor Inspector Claudette McKenzie, police saw Bowe selling drugs when they took up surveillance of his home.

The officers later swooped in on the premises and searched Bowe and his home.

They seized $1,239 as the proceeds of crime and found five grams of marijuana in packets of one gram each hidden under some wood, McKenzie said.

Bowe told police that clients had paid him the $1,239 to repair jet skis.

His lawyer, Jomo Campbell, asked Magistrate Kara Turnquest-Deveaux for leniency, noting that Bowe had not wasted the court’s time with a trial.

Campbell said that Bowe had already lost the money that police seized as the proceeds of crime.

Turnquest-Deveaux ordered the money confiscated and fined Bowe.

Campbell said that Bowe was rescued by the U.S. Coast Guard in 2017 when the engine on his jet-ski failed and he was stranded for days without food or water.

Artesia Davis

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