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Starting anew

Whether it’s to lose weight, curtail drinking, quit smoking, treat people better, pay off debts, volunteer, deepen faith with God, or even to be more conscientious about church attendance, at the start of every new year most people make promises to change what they perceive to be an undesired trait or behavior. A new year provides people with the opportunity to celebrate having made it through another 365 (366 in leap years) days and many make promises to themselves to accomplish a personal goal or improve their life.

Regardless of what they commit to, the goal is to improve life in the coming year. And many of the country’s religious leaders just like us have made resolutions which they were happy to share with The Nassau Guardian.

Bishop Delton Fernander, Bahamas Christian Council president and pastor at New Destiny Cathedral

“This year my New Year’s resolution is to better manage my time and my schedule, and focus more on the spiritual opportunities that avail themselves to our country, building up myself and my country.”

Bishop Laish Boyd, Anglican bishop of the Diocese of The Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands

“I have made three commitments – I want to do more exercise and I want to be more regular at it. I have committed to spending more time in prayer and study, and I am going to give more time to family and friends.”

 Reverend Diana Francis, Senior pastor, First Baptist Church

“This year it is my desire to reach out more to the less fortunate; do more to help the hurting and the broken. In my continued quest in walking in love, I want to love the unlovable and the abrasive – loving those who make it hard to love. By God’s grace, this year, I desire to be a greater peacemaker and to walk in greater degree of unity and community. Lastly, I am asking God to grant me the grace to make a profound difference in my home, my church, my nation and the world, touching lives for the kingdom of God.”

Reverend Angela Palacious, First female Bahamian Anglican priest

“Being intentional in as many different ways as I can and to encourage others to grow in the Lord, ensuring that I do the same, as I continue to draw people to being disciples themselves.”

Rev. William Thompson, Senior pastor, Faith United Missionary Baptist Church

“I am so fearful of making resolutions just to sound good, but I ask for good health – that the Lord would continue to bless me with good health and to allow me to continue to lead the people that he assigned to me, and guidance for this country and also to be able to ease the plight of those who are less fortunate than we are and this country to turn back to Christ.”

Rev T.G. Morrison,  Senior pastor, Zion Baptist Church

“To practice discipline in every area of my life – spiritually, emotionally and financially, recognizing that discipline is a part of a stewardship which is one of the ways to say thanks to God. To practice discipline in every area of my life. To recognize the value of relationships, and spend time with people who invest in my evolution and to simply implicitly trust God even in the best and worst of times, recognizing that those who put their trust in God will never be disappointed.”

Bishop Arnold Josey, Senior pastor, Commonwealth Mission Baptist Church

“Our theme for this year is to unify, to fellowship and to fight.”

Bishop Moses Johnson, National overseer, Church of God

“I personally want to see murders decreased, serious crimes reduced to minimum. I want to see Sunday School return to all churches. We must not compromise our standards.”

Bishop Neil Ellis, Presiding bishop, Gulf United Fellowship and senior pastor, Mount Tabor Church

“In the Body of Christ, 2019 is a year for the fatigued, frustrated and faithful believer to be renewed, refocused and rewarded. This is the Word of the Lord! It will become even clearer to us that God is ordering our steps and our stops; positioning his people in a place where life would be experience on a whole new level; elevating unexpected gifts and voices from obscurity to a place of prominence and authority; and navigating us through multiple streams of income to a place of prosperity.”

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