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The tests keep coming

don’t know what age you are, but this I do know as I’ve stated before on several occasions, life is a schoolhouse and each and every problem we encounter is in fact a test, it’s par for course. Now many may be of the opinion that these “tests” will cease at a certain time in our life, perhaps during, what we like to refer to as the “senior years”. However, this is not the case – no it’s not.

The learning and thus the testing goes all the way through ‘til our transition into the next phase of our eternal life. Yes indeed, as the title of this article correctly puts it, the tests keep coming, yes indeed they do, and I can personally vouch for that. I would honestly say that I personally have been tested more in my senior years than perhaps any other time in my life.

Many of these tests in our senior years have to do with health matters. Right now, for example, I am experiencing quite a lot of health problems as it relates to my eyes which are so very important to my work. However, I have just learnt after several visits to the eye specialist that there are solutions to my eye problems. So, this has indeed been a learning experience in patience, in continuing to believe in the Creator to assist in guiding me eventually to a solution to my very serious problem.

Of course, the really important lesson which has been brought home to me with this and related problems, is to never give up, to continue to be positive and believe that all problems have solutions – yes, they do.

Yes indeed, please don’t you ever think that you know it all, because you don’t. Believe me, as today’s title puts it the tests keep coming, yes they do. So, don’t get negative when you’re confronted with a major problem but instead remain totally positive, knowing all the time, that all problems have solutions and you’re quite capable of finding those solutions. Yes indeed, life is a learning experience which goes on right up to our transition.

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