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How you treat others is how you’ll be treated    

Well I don’t know that there could be a title like today’s, how you treat others is how you’ll be treated, which is so simple, so straightforward and yet contains so much absolute truth. It must surely make us all think deeply about how we treat literally everyone whom we come in contact with throughout each and every day.

“Well D. Paul” you may say “I do treat members of my family extremely well I feel, and most of the people at my place of work, too. However, maybe I’m not treating some with the obvious respect they deserve.” You may say this as you reflect for a moment or two on how you daily treat literally all whom you come in contact with throughout each and every day, from morning to night.

How about commencing this exercise in self-examination by reflecting on our drive from home to our place of business? How do you treat all of the other drivers on the road? Are we courteous and indeed respectful to them or are we inclined to give them very little respect as we cut in front of them and very nearly cause an accident? It’s certainly worth thinking about when considering today’s important topic.

Then when we get to our place of business, the place where we work, do we treat everyone there with respect and kindness, or are we inclined to treat those at the top – the owners, managers and supervisors well – whilst we do not do the same with the ordinary workers, because we’re in a management or supervisory position? This is indeed something which we should all reflect deeply on, here today. Why, you may query? Well as I have stated over and over again according to the universal law of cause and effect, what we put out each and every day in the form of thoughts, words and actions will indeed return to us in due course. It’s inevitable. It’s the law. Universal law. God’s law. Yes, it is.

So, my friend, as you commence each and every day of your life, no matter where you are or what you are doing… working, traveling – you treat others, all whom you interact with throughout the day, evening and night with respect and courtesy – the way you’d like others to treat you. Believe me, if you do this religiously, each and every day, I guarantee that people will greatly respect you and you’ll have a great life – yes, you will.

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