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These things are meant to try us

These things are meant to try us.

I remember as a young man growing up in Ireland, whenever anything went wrong, my dear grandmother – my mother’s mother, used to say the phrase which is the title of this particular article – these things are meant to try us. Oh, how right she was. As I recall her wisdom, she used that phrase over and over again. Now many, many years later when I have children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of my own, I fully understand how correct my grandmother really was when she repeatedly said these things are meant to try us – meaning of course, that life itself is one long, learning experience; yes, it is. At least it’s supposed to be.

We also need to be reminded of the fact that we so often learn more in life from our mistakes than we do from our successes. When things go wrong in our life, we have as we always do, a choice, and it is to quit, to give up as unfortunately so many misinformed people do; or to grit our teeth, learn the lesson our temporary failure was meant to teach us, and then set out again with enthusiasm and a very positive frame of mind to finally reach the goals we were previously pursuing in life.

The really sad thing for me to observe, is to see so many people who quit in the pursuit of their goals and objectives whenever they come up against some difficulties along the way, which really are just tests to see what we’re made of, and to ascertain if we’re losers or winners in life. The winner of course, realizes that he or she is just being tested, whilst the loser shrugs his or her shoulders, sighs deeply and probably says something like this, “My oh my, here we go again, nothing ever works out for me as I appear to be a loser.” No, you’re not! God put you on Planet Earth to be a winner.

Yes, my friend, as I have stated on many occasions before in these articles, life is a school and we are supposed to be students in this “schoolhouse of life” – daily learning important lessons which will be valuable to us as we endeavor to finally reach a state of perfection which is of course the ultimate goal. Yes, my friend, every day you will be tested – I guarantee it! Now how you deal with these frequent tests will ultimately determine your success or failure in life.

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