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‘Majority rule does not belong to any particular party’

Majority rule does not belong to any particular party, Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis declared in a national address yesterday, the fifth year the national holiday has been observed.

“Majority rule does not belong to any one political party or segment of our people,” he said.

“It crosses all boundaries of party, economic class, race and gender. Majority rule belongs to all Bahamians. We should celebrate this day as one Bahamas, as one people, united in love and service to our commonwealth.”

Minnis said The Bahamas must honor “the many men and women who sacrificed and struggled to make this day possible”.

He mentioned several ways that his administration plans to do this, including the completion of a National Heroes Park and the redevelopment of the Southern Recreational Grounds.

He said the government also plans to honor national heroes through murals and other public advertisements, as was recently done with former parliamentarian the late Edmund Moxey.

Minnis said greater emphasis must be placed on teaching Bahamian history and civics in schools.

Majority Rule Day became a holiday in 2014 to commemorate the 1967 victory of the Progressive Liberal Party, which ushered in black majority rule for the first time in the country’s history.

“Majority rule removed the last psychological shackles from the minds of many. It shattered false notions of superiority and inferiority,” said Minnis, quoting former Governor General Sir Arthur Foulkes.

However, he noted that while Bahamians have much to celebrate, including a vibrant, stable democracy and the rule of law, Bahamians have much to accomplish in healthcare, education, housing, crime fighting, youth development and other areas.

Minnis concluded, “One of the better ways to commemorate and to celebrate majority rule is by developing a greater commitment to the common good, and by building on what we have already achieved as one people.”

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