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Open the door to your mind

“D. Paul, I’m a bit puzzled by the title of today’s article open the door to your mind … I mean, how exactly do I do this as I really don’t know where this door to my mind is, and seriously, why do I need to open this imaginary door to my mind?” Well, as you have I’m sure heard me state on many occasions in the past; if you don’t have an “open mind” you will not be able to learn what this article is about.

Now basically, positive people – that is people with a positive mental attitude or PMA as W. Clement Stone referred to it, have “open minds” whereas people with a negative attitude which unfortunately is the vast majority of people inhabiting the earth at the present time, have “closed minds” and thus refuse point blank to listen to new ideas and information thus they do not progress as they should in life. So, the way to “open the door to your mind” is by making a conscious decision to be open and receptive to new information which will assist you greatly to acquire new knowledge and concepts about a large variety of subjects.

So, the secret hypothetically to “open the door to your mind” is actually a decision which you make to be wide open so to speak to receive new information. This is surely the way to ultimately succeed in life – yes, it is. So, having a really positive attitude and thus being real eager to grow in knowledge about a wide variety of subjects is the way in which to progress as you travel the road of life, hopefully eventually getting to the proverbial success city. So, here’s one very important reason for you to be positive at all times, so that you will be open and receptive to new ideas and concepts.

Here’s an important fact which I have informed you my valued readers about on many, many occasions – negative people have “closed minds” whereas positive people have “open minds” and of course as stated already in today’s article, only positive people have “open minds” and are thus receptive to new information. So, if you wish to become and indeed remain successful in all aspects of your life, well then, you need to cultivate a really positive mental attitude.

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