Wednesday, Mar 20, 2019
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Police seize $1.2 mil. worth of marijuana

Police seized a combined $1.2 million worth of marijuana in the first major drug busts of the year in New Providence on Wednesday.

According to police, the first incident happened shortly after 8 p.m. when Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU) officers acting on intelligence went to a residence on St. Bart’s Road in Golden Gates.

The officers searched a van on the property and recovered 19 bags and one taped package, which contained 545 pounds of marijuana worth an estimated $545,000.

Two men who were at the residence were taken into custody. They are expected to be charged next week.

Police said a man who was standing near the van ran off when he saw the officers.

The second incident happened just before 9 p.m. when DEU officers conducted a search of a property on Williams Drive, off Cowpen Road.

Police said officers discovered 26 bags and one cooler containing 656 pounds of marijuana worth approximately $656,000. The discovery was made behind a building on the property.

No one was arrested in connection with that matter.

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