Friday, Jul 19, 2019
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Majority Rule Day

Dear Editor,

January 10, 1967 was a defining day.

It started the journey to move away from the colonial masters, controlling and humiliating us as a people.

Of course, some of our own brothers and sisters have sided with the oppressors and continue to trample on the dignity of the downtrodden, less fortunate and dispossessed. That is why joblessness is not the concern of the masters.

The great significance of January 10 should in no way be watered down. Bahamians found their soul and got a glimpse of what was possible, a far cry from living with someone’s foot on their collective necks.

There can be no apology for celebrating the relief felt that day.

We must not let anyone deprive us of remembering what really happened.

We must pray for those who abandoned the cause and continuous fight to never let it happen again when we Bahamians from over-the-hill were/are treated less than human.

These are the facts and “we must never perfume the past”, said Dr. Chris Curry.

Lord help us! Let us therefore celebrate Majority Rule Day!

I was there.

– Ivoine W. Ingraham 

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