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PM meets with European Commission

Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis led a delegation to the European Commission on Tuesday, where he reaffirmed The Bahamas’ commitments to the European Union.

His delegation, which included Attorney General Carl Bethel, met with Stephen Quest, director general of the Directorate-General for Taxation and Customs Union of the European Commission, and senior members of his team.

The directorate-general is responsible for the implementation of taxation policy in the European Union.

“Both parties agreed that the meeting was very constructive,” Minnis said.

“This meeting allowed The Bahamas to ensure that the European Commission clearly understood the importance to The Bahamas of its longstanding relationship with member states of the European Union, in particular our trade relationship under the Economic Partnership Agreement.”

The parties discussed the implementation by The Bahamas of commitments agreed and recently enacted to further and maintain good economic relations with the European Union.

Prior delegations of The Bahamas to the European Commission met with senior personnel and technical teams in the directorate-general.

Tuesday’s meeting between the prime minister and the director general was part of an ongoing process that included prior technical meetings. It provided the opportunity for the prime minister to reaffirm the commitments of The Bahamas at the highest levels.

The meeting also allowed the attorney general to give an overview and discuss the new legislative regime with the director general.

The director general welcomed the presence of the prime minister and the significant commitment demonstrated on behalf of The Bahamas.

Director General Quest noted that The Bahamas and the European Commission enjoy a productive and long-standing relationship. He encouraged and supported ongoing engagement.

As the head of government, the prime minister reaffirmed the government’s commitment to the highest level of the directorate-general.

The discussions with EU officials led by Minnis demonstrate the commitment of The Bahamas to protecting the financial services sector, while maintaining a relevant and competitive position in the sector and to taking proactive steps to protect The Bahamas’ economic interests.

The prime minister returns to The Bahamas today.

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