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Give me the good news

I stayed with someone for a period of time who used to give me all of the bad news he heard on TV first thing in the morning, which I really didn’t want to hear at all. I write for these articles first thing in the morning and I like to be in a positive, upbeat mood when I commence my writing. Apart from that, I never listen to the news first thing in the morning for the same reason, because I wish to stay in a positive upbeat mood for as long as possible.

Actually, Dr. Dennis Waitley author of many bestselling books including “The Psychology of Winning”, “The Winner’s Edge” and “Being Your Best”, to name a few, advises people to be very wary of listening to too much news on TV and radio first thing in the morning as it is just full of a whole lot of what went wrong in the world overnight. Yes indeed, the news can be quite depressing if you listen to too much of it, especially early in the morning when we really should be cultivating a positive mental attitude (PMA) as W. Clement Stone used to put it; if we wish to start the day off on the right foot which will assist us in having a very successful day.

So, we get to the actual title of today’s article, give me the good news. Yes indeed, when you come to me, I am not really interested in listening to a long litany of bad news as I know from experience that if I focus too much on the negative, it will affect my whole consciousness in a most negative way and will not be in any way helpful to me as I work my way through the day endeavoring to be as positive as I possibly can, knowing all the time that is what will assist me in having a successful day, across the board.

Yes indeed, if you converse with me, especially first thing in the morning, I respectfully suggest, that instead of giving me a long litany of what went wrong on planet earth, you do as the title of this article suggest and thus give me the good news.

Now incidentally, it’s not that I am being insensitive to the problems that some people are going through right now in various parts of the world. However, I do know and fully understand that in order for me to have a good, a successful day, it’s vitally important for me to be in a positive frame of mind, especially first thing in the morning, for this will indeed have a bearing on how successful a day I will experience. So always, always think positive thoughts and your day will be successful.

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