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Be results oriented

Today’s title is indeed a very important one as it will give anyone who is endeavoring to reach a predetermined target, to accomplish a goal, a necessary instruction – be results oriented. Let me give you an actual example. Let’s say that a salesperson at a business decides that he or she is going to set up a goal to be the top salesperson in the company for the year. So, in December when celebrating the festive season, they set up a goal to get 10 sales per day. So, each day they set out early and by lunch time they determine to have at least five sales, then after lunch they do not quit until they get five more sales. Provided they do this, they will reach their weekly and monthly goals and quite easily reach the annual number of sales that they set for themselves at the beginning of the year. In other words, as the title of this particular article puts it quite simply, to be successful at anything, you must be results oriented. Yes, you must.

You see, from a whole lot of observation, over a number of years, I have noticed that many individuals set up their goals at the beginning of the year and of course are very positive about achieving them. However, they do not keep proper records; they are not results-oriented, and thus when the end of the year rolls around they find to their dismay that they have fallen short of their target.

Yes, my friend, this is how businesses become successful – they set up targets or goals for each department to reach, and of course they make absolutely sure that at the end of each month each department has met their objectives and reached their predetermined goals. This is the way for anyone or any organization to become and indeed remain consistently successful. Be results oriented.

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