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Get away relax & focus

A spouse is God’s gift to you – a timeless reminder of the things that truly matter. However, after reciting the vows, it’s imperative that couples do what it takes to make the marriage last. Also, spending time together, away from life’s distractions, can help strengthen the relationship, and build a solid foundation for family life.

The happiest and mature couples are those who commit to learning skills that help them deal confidently with the seasons of marriage, be it the joys or challenges that it encounters, according to Joseph Curry Marriage Renewal (MRW) Committee co-chair.

They are giving married couples the opportunity to “look” at themselves as individuals, and then to look at their promises and relationship with each other, along with the chance to look at their relationship as it pertains to God, the church and the community during the 12th Annual Marriage Renewal Weekend hosted by the Office of Family Life of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Nassau, February 8-10 at the Emmaus Centre.

The weekend is designed to give married couples the opportunity to examine their lives together by sharing their feelings, hopes, disappointments, joys and frustrations – and to do so openly and honestly, in face-to-face, heart-to-heart encounters with the person they have chosen to live with for the rest of their lives.

The emphasis of the program is on communication between husband and wife, who spend a weekend together away from the distractions and the tensions of everyday life to concentrate on each other. It provides a time for couples to rediscover each other and together focus on their relationship.

A non-denominational event, it is open to married couples of all faiths.

Craig and Anita Knowles, Calvary Bible Church members participated in the weekend in 2017 in an effort to get away, relax and focus on each other.

“You need to take the time out to invest in yourselves,” said Anita.

Her husband Craig stressed the importance of checking in with each other.

“Don’t assume that you have a good relationship because you are still talking. What are you talking about? Are they just trivial matters or things that really impact your marriage?”

The Knowles’ said married couples need to stop and look each other in the eyes and talk about the things that really matter and that MRW provides the opportunity to do just that without distraction or interruption.

“All couples need this whether they believe it or not,” said the husband and wife.

During the weekend, a lead couple introduces a topic and shares some of their experiences. Although there are other couples attending, the time is still very private. Discussions and activities are between husband and wife.

Besides being a weekend getaway, the program is designed to give married couples the opportunity to examine their lives together, exchange emotions in truth and honesty, and engage in heart-to-heart encounters with each other.

“It’s not counseling, nor a marriage clinic, nor group sensitivity. It’s a unique approach aimed at revitalizing Christian marriage,” said Curry.

The committee members said married couples who attend the Marriage Renewal weekend do so because they are ready to invest in their marriage and be intentional about a move towards oneness.

“They want to understand God’s blueprint for marriage that can create a legacy through generations. Great marriages are intentional and not born or automatic,” said Terez Curry, MRW co-chair with her husband Joe. “The weekend, simply put, is a pause button for most, because as life moves quickly with careers, children, and parenting, we all need to be reminded of our priorities – to seek God first, then to take care of self, then marriage, then everything else. A spouse is God’s gift to you, a timeless reminder of the things that truly matter. Spending one weekend together, away from life’s distractions, can help strengthen your relationship, building a solid foundation for family life.”

Additional information is available from the Office of Family Life at 322-8919 or 328-4310 or by visiting the retreat blog at https://faithfulunion.wordpress.com/about/.

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