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Emotional stability

As all of my valued readers will be aware of, these articles are all about assisting people young and old, from all walks of life to become and indeed remain successful in life. Now if this is to be achieved, everyone needs to have, as today’s title simply and succinctly puts it ‘Emotional Stability’. That’s right, if you wish to become and remain successful at all that you do in your Personal, Professional, Social, Financial and Spiritual life, across the board, there is no doubt about it, you need to be a very level headed person who is not prone to mood swings like some people. In other words, some people can be calm and very pleasant one day and the next day be a complete ‘Basket Case’ as that well known saying so graphically puts it. Yes indeed, people the world over like to regularly deal with people whom they know to be level headed and thus not subject to ‘Mood Swings’ as some people are. This of course applies across the board. It certainly applies to our work, particularly if your job entails interacting with customers or clients, of the business we work for.

Of course it is also most important to the continued success of a personal relationship that we remain in control of our emotions and thus are not subject to ‘Mood Swings’ to use the vernacular. I do believe, that there is nothing worse than to be living with someone whom you are not too sure how they will behave from day to day. And of course if a couple have children, I believe it’s most important to their development that the parents are indeed ‘Emotionally Stable’ so that they grow up in a pleasant calm atmosphere.

Yes indeed, “Emotional Stability’ is most important in all types of situations. I guess in the end, it’s all about being in control of your emotions at all times. Yes indeed, we, you and I need to control our emotions at all times if we wish to be successful, across the board. If per chance this is not the case, as we are subject to frequent ‘Mood Swings’; well then, professional assistance is recommended.

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