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Mother wants missing daughter to come home

distraught mother is pleading with the public to help find her young daughter.

Natasha Jean, 48, said she is desperate to find 12-year-old Yolanda Mercidien, who she believes ran away from home almost two months ago.

“I’m not saying she’s with a man because honestly I don’t know where my daughter is,” the mother of three told The Nassau Guardian.

“I just want to say that whoever has my daughter needs to return my child home to me because she is a minor. She’s only 12.”

Jean said her daughter went missing on the evening of December 14.

She said Mercidien came home from school and changed her clothes before leaving the house at 4 p.m.

“Yolanda said she was going out with friends and after that I never saw her,” said Jean.

“Around 10 p.m. when I saw she hadn’t come home, I went to the police station.”

When asked if her daughter’s friends were able to say what happened to Mercidien, Jean said, “I’ve never met the friends that she said she went out with but she said she was always going out with this group of friends. Honestly, I don’t know where she was supposed to be going.”

She said that people have told her that they’ve seen Mercidien around New Providence.

“They said they’ve seen her on Minnie Street, Miami Street, Montrose Avenue, in Englerston, and in a food store,” said Jean.

“Someone told me they saw her in the Chinese store on Wulff Road around 8 p.m. on Friday. She was shopping. It hurts because we haven’t seen her since December and everyone else is seeing her and she won’t come home.”

Jean made a plea for anyone who sees Mercidien to encourage her to return home.

“We just want to make sure she’s okay, to make sure there’s nothing wrong with her,” she said.

“She’s only a child, she needs to come home.”

The police have put out a missing persons notice for Mercidien.

She is described as having a dark brown complexion, about five foot three inches in height and has a slim build. 

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