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Inquest into police shooting stalled as officers can’t be found

An inquest into a police shooting that took place almost a decade ago was yesterday delayed indefinitely because the reservist officers involved cannot be located.

Bradford Brown, 33, was fatally shot on May 28, 2010, by police responding to a shop breaking at Alexander Street. Brown allegedly stabbed one of the officers before he was shot near RBC FINCO.

Coroner Jeanine Weech-Gomez was supposed to empanel a five-member jury to investigate the circumstances into his death, but the court’s marshal, Anisha Missick, said that the two interested parties are no longer with the reserve unit of the police force.

Missick said, “In the circumstances it would be futile to empanel the jury at this point, because we don’t know what success, if any, we would have in locating the officers.”

The Nassau Guardian understands that the reservists were dismissed from the reserve unit, but it is unclear how soon they were relieved of their duties after the incident.

Addressing Brown’s mother, Ruth Hanna, Weech-Gomez said that the inquest had been set two or three years ago, but “we ran into challenges”.

Weech-Gomez pledged to “take whatever steps to get the interested parties served”.

She said the court might place an advertisement for the officers to attend with the assistance of the assistant registrar.

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