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Stop kidding yourself

Let me repeat at the outset, something which I have highlighted before in these articles and it’s this. You may indeed be able to fool many people who are in your life, your parents, your spouse, your friends, fellow employees and even management where you work; however always remember that you will never, ever be able to fool yourself, no matter how hard you try, and boy do some people try…. Yes indeed they do to no avail.  Yes that’s right you will never be able to fool yourself; so as the title of today’s, article simply puts it ‘Stop Kidding Yourself’.

Now there are many ways in which we human beings try, note I did say ‘Try’ to fool ourselves.  One of the most obvious, at least to me personally, is the person who is regularly, day in and day out, drinking too much alcohol and is bit by bit becoming an alcoholic; and yet if you try to talk to these Individuals in a genuine effort to help them as they proceed on their way to become a bona fide alcoholic or have already reached that sad state; they may say as they get most indignant, very annoyed “I just have a couple of drinks each day, but believe me, I have it completely under control”—- Oh yes, that’s what you My Friend are trying to make yourself and everyone else think; however, it’s not working, so you need to as today’s title puts it “Stop Kidding Yourself’ —- yes you must, that is of course if you wish to stay on the straight and narrow and thus finally reach the desired target as you travel the road of life, which is of course ‘Success City’.  Yes indeed, you need to ‘Stop Kidding Yourself’ today; in fact right now!

Yes indeed, it’s so very sad to witness God created Human beings who are full to the brim with an abundance of unique and very special talents, who are in fact blowing it, destroying their life and the potential to become very successful. So please my friend, wake up, face reality, ad put an end to the notion that you’re not hurting yourself by your destructive behavior. Yes indeed ‘Stop Kidding Yourself’.

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