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Don’t allow them to annoy you

Have you ever met someone who is continually stating that someone keeps annoying them or keeps agitating them to the point where they almost come to blows? Well I am sure at some time we’ve all had this kind of experience, and let me be perfectly honest with you, I used to let people get to me quite often and cause me to lose my cool, as the saying goes. However, I eventually got to be associated with Dr. Denis Waitley, author of many bestselling books including “The Psychology of Winning”, “The Winner’s Edge”, and “Being Your Best’, to name a few. I learned from Dr. Waitley that no one can annoy you without your permission.

Now at this point, some people may say with a puzzled, rather negative look on their face, “What do you mean Dr. Reilly no one can annoy you without your permission?” Well I mean this: when someone says or does something which momentarily annoys you, you have a clear choice in front of you. You can chose to get very annoyed, you can chose to stay and get embroiled in a nasty confrontation which actually has the potential of boiling over into an actual physical confrontation which could end up with one or both parties getting hurt, or to walk away. Yes, my friend, today I am reminding you once again, that everything in life is a matter of choice – yes, it is.

When someone is disgusting in any way, you have a choice to stay and get involved in a nasty confrontation or to simply walk away, saying to yourself it really isn’t worth it to get riled up. So, do the right thing, and chose to walk away thus keeping your calm, positive mood intact.

Yes indeed, please always remember my friend that all of your thoughts, words and actions are in your control as everything in life is a matter of choice. So please do not allow other miserable people to bring you down to their level. Instead, chose to remain happy, upbeat and positive whilst you are very careful about the company you chose to associate with, and believe me, you’ll remain a contented, happy healthy and successful person – yes, you will.

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