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Hate is a no no

Let’s face it, life is about loving our Creator, our earthly parents, our relatives, brothers, sisters, and cousins along with helping all whom we come in contact with as we travel the road of life on Planet Earth. Of course, as I have written about over and over again, the very first person we need to love after our Creator is of course ourself. That’s right, until we love, understand and respect ourselves first, there is no way for us to really love, respect and understand others.

So, this my friend, is when I emphasize once again in this article, the vital need of having a good, positive self-image. If per chance you feel that you have some problem in the self-esteem department, it is absolutely vital that you seek some immediate professional counselling to assist you in raising your level of self-esteem so that you can start to make love the very foundation for your life.

Now, the opposite of love of course is hate which is indeed one of the most destructive forces in the world today. Yes indeed, as the short tile of today’s article quite simply and succinctly puts it, hate is a no-no. Yes, indeed it is, certainly if you wish to have excellent health whilst living a good life surrounded by other loving and kind people.

Now having read what you have so far you may say, “Why in the world would anyone wish to hate another child of God and member of the one universal family on Planet Earth?” The answer is very simple, when I hate myself, then I will quite naturally hate others too. It really is quite impossible to love another, no matter who they are, when because of a lack of self-esteem I really, deep down in my consciousness, actually hate myself because I don’t really know who I am and how great I am.

Yes, my friend love needs to be the order of the day if you wish to thrive and thus have a happy, contented, healthy, fulfilled and indeed successful life. If you feel that you have low self-esteem and are therefore full of self-loathing – well then, you need to get immediate professional counselling, so that you raise your level of self-esteem, start to love yourself and thus fall in love with the whole world and its inhabitants.

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