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Respect must be earned

Have you ever heard another, perhaps a parent or Guardian say in an annoyed tone of voice “I demand Respect in this house” or perhaps a Manager or Supervisor at work say “I demand the respect of all the workers in this Department”? Well I have heard many utter similar phrases from time to time all demanding that others respect them.  Actually Politicians are notorious for this demanding that the Citizens respect their Leader, their President or Prime Minister.

Well I have news for all who rather stupidly and perhaps quite arrogantly demand respect from others and its really contained in today’s short title ‘ Respect Must Be Earned’ —- Yes it Must as no amount of demanding it will force a person to give us the respect we seek —- No it won’t! If you require others, either in the home or workplace to really respect you; well then, you’ve simply got to earn the respect you so badly seek from others by your daily thoughts, words and actions.  It’s really quite simple to understand as you acquire knowledge of Universal Laws, like the Law of Cause and Effect and the Law of Attraction.  Now the Law of Cause and Effect states in a nutshell, that what we put out each and every day in the form of thoughts, words and actions will return to us in due course.  So it stands to reason that if you require another to respect you; well then, you need to say and do the things in life which will attract the respect you are seeking.

Now the Law of Attraction simply states that we ATTRACT towards us people, circumstances, and events in accordance with our THINKING. So we could say the ball’s in your court, so to speak.  When you are daily respectful to others, as you should be; well then you’ll ATTRACT toward you respectful people and circumstances when people just naturally respect you.

• Think about it!

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