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In defense of Fred Mitchell

Dear Editor,

You published on February 5 a letter under the caption “Henfield Blew It”. The letter is signed by someone using the nom de plume The Graduate.

The letter was a useful discourse on the policies the government is pursuing on Venezuela and the policy it ought to pursue.

Unfortunately, that useful discourse was made to look entirely off base by a gratuitous comment with regard to now Senator Fred Mitchell as he was then minister of foreign affairs and now chairman of the Progressive Liberal Party and the PLP’s spokesman on foreign affairs.

The article said the following: “In one stroke Henfield undermined the leverage the prime minister won in CARICOM. This is far worse than when Fred Mitchell attempted to split CARICOM over his reckless support of a British woman who became secretary general of the Commonwealth over a more qualified CARICOM diplomat.”

The assertions made about Mitchell’s conduct as foreign minister are wrong, false and misplaced. There was no attempt by Mitchell to split CARICOM. Mitchell’s support of a British woman is also false. The “woman” who is the secretary general of the Commonwealth today is Baroness Patricia Scotland, a national of Dominica. The support of The Bahamas was not reckless. It was made in the best and considered interest of The Bahamas. What pray tell was the relevance of the fact that the person was a woman. The question of who was more qualified is also a matter of subjective opinion. The fact is she won and is today the secretary general. Anything else is irrelevant.

It would be helpful for people who simply dislike Mitchell or the PLP to stick to their arguments and not bring their prejudices into debates.

– Barbara L. Cartwright, secretary general, PLP

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