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Praising, glorifying & exalting

Brothers Don and Chaz Major who refer to themselves as God’s “Chosen Soldiers” seek to utilize their musical talent to capture the souls of their peers for Christ – to praise, glorify and exalt the Lord through music ministry – have finally released their first full length CD entitled “Giving It Back”.

The album’s title refers to the brother’s belief that God has given everyone so much. The single was also written for Chaz, nine, after he decided he was ready to be baptized. He was baptized on Easter morning April 16, 2017. The same thing that was done for Don, 13, when he decided he was ready to be baptized which was on Easter morning April 5, 2015. At the time the song, “Here I Am” on their first album “Royal Life” was written for his baptism.

The brothers released the 10-song CD with an intro “Giving It Back” featuring inspirational gospel rap two weeks ago at their church at Kemp Road Ministries. They presented copies to pastor Reverend Dr. Ivan F. Butler, Jr., and his wife Dr. Joanne Butler, before taking center stage to perform the single “Come Everybody” recorded with DJ Counsellor and who was present to sing the track during the performance.

The other single they hope to become a breakout sensation “I Might be Young”, they recorded with Landlord’s daughter Shaddia.

“Giving It Back” is the follow-up album to their previous three-song CD “Royal Life”, and the result of years of work on the part of the boys and their parents Don Sr., and Charmaine Major who self-funded the CD to make it happen.

“They’re so excited because they really don’t even know how it came about,” said Major of his son’s album. They solicited sponsorship and support to assist in producing the album, but it never materialized. The parents dug into their household funds to help make their children’s dream a reality.

“Their purpose is basically to reach the loss, heal the hurt, train the saints, build the church and glorify God,” which is also the message on another song “Glorify God” that’s on the album.

The public takeaway the father says his children wants to see materialize as a result of their music is that no matter a person’s age or background – that everyone from all walks of life needs to know God.

“The Bible speaks to out of the mouths of babes, and I’m hoping if they can see the youngest among us have the ability to stand and just accept and take that step in the right direction, I’m hoping it would encourage somebody to do the same. When you see kids that can do this and get in front of a national audience and say Jesus is good, it will have an impact somewhere.”

He expressed pride in his sons’ courage.

“Words cannot express, reason being besides the music they’re doing they’re introducing kids at their school to the ministry who are coming out to church; and Don’s with the youth ministry and with the usher committee, and Chaz is with the kids’ ministry and the usher committee.”

According to Major his boys also care about their peers and many days return home from school saying they didn’t have lunch because they gave away their lunch money to others in need. They give away clothes and we visit the children’s homes with them. The boys are always giving to their peers.

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