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Costumes that will make you green with envy or cross over to the dark side

The 2019 Bahamas Carnival season promises to be a thriller – action-packed and full of surprises.

Hypnotic Mas Band, previously known as the Junkanoo Commandos, has rebranded in a big way for the 2019 Bahamas Carnival season. The group has already launched some show-stopping pieces and is scheduled to reveal surprise pieces that will set the pace for other groups to live up to.

But Bahamas Masqueraders, known for its beautiful costumes, did not disappoint. Under the theme “Illuma-nation”, that group’s costumes could very well rival the sun – and the eclipse, coincidentally.

Hot pink, a bevy of greens, a glow-in-the-dark, neon yellow and orange, the costumes launched this weekend live up to the theme.

Bahamas Masqueraders

After Glow

This section will make you green with envy – literally.

A mix of neon and hunter greens, this section will light up the road.

Anthony Knowles designed the After Glow section. BAHAMAS MASQUERADERS

Anthony Knowles, After Glow designer, said his inspiration was two-fold.

“The color was inspired by one of the aurora lights,” he said. “I saw a video taken from a space station and it was a breathtaking feat of nature.

“Secondly, the message of wherever you go or [are] doing in life, leave your mark. That mark is your light, and the glow that you leave behind will help to make dark spaces brighter. So, I wanted to do a dark angel design with heavy accents of neons and brightness to show that, no matter how dark, you can light up any space.”


When the first model emerged, the color combination seemed familiar to me. Draped in aquamarine and neon yellow, the model looked like a bejeweled version of the Bahamian flag.

But designer A’shad Bowe said the blue is actually inspired by the section’s lead sponsor: BTC.

Iridescence by Bahamas Masqueraders.

“The wing of the costume was inspired by rays of light. We have a lot of rays coming from the sun that illuminate. We wanted to tie that in with our design. So you see a lot of lines in our costumes, a lot of rays, especially in the wings. We wanted to capture that feel. Also, the wings are shaped like that of a butterfly, to depict the free feeling you get during carnival.”

But the best part is, the costume glows in the dark.


Inspired by the Bahamian sunset, these costumes are vibrant in color and style.

Designer Carlos Bain said he wanted to create a costume that makes revelers feel alive.

This model sports a sun-kissed costume inspired by the Bahamian sunset and designed by Carlos Bain. BAHAMAS MASQUERADERS

Bain used a bright orange and hot pink to depict his theme – a word that is literally used to described a person whose appearance is attractive after having been in the sun.


Millions of people around the world stay up to see the eclipse – a phenomenon that happens only two to four times a year.

Costume designer Anton Dean said his Eclipse section will be the hottest section on the road – in more ways than one.

The predominantly black costume is artfully highlighted with pink feathers and jewels. After all, out of darkness, must come light.

Artemis Amazon Collection, Goddess of Light

Initially, I was confused when this section was presented. It was so similar to the After Glow section that I thought it was the same one. Turns out, I was right.

Latoya Moxey, the designer of the Artemis Collection, will design custom-made body wear for all four of Bahamas Masqueraders’ sections.

She offers three options: a wire bra, a bikini of the buyer’s choice or a bejeweled monokini that is a work of art.

Artemis is a Goddess, the daughter of Zeus and Leto – and that’s exactly how Moxey wants to make women feel.


Though not new to Bahamas Carnival, Hypnotic’s bold collection offers a variety of refreshing options, including full costumes and Monday wear.

Hypnotic Band Director Theodore Cooper says Hypnotic is trying to change the game.

“Being led by industry professionals born and raised in The Bahamas, its band owners were inspired to present a theme that stood out from the crowd,” he said.

“Reflecting on times past when we saw someone push the envelope. The phrase, ‘Boy she bold aye’ comes to mind. Hypnotic Mas Band steps out of the norm for 2019 and takes a step away from Junkanoo Carnival and brings you carnival in its truest form, as we know it. We’re bringing the baddest costumes, best vibes and the ultimate masquerader experience.”

The nine sections include: Boujee, Biggity, Feisty, Brazen, Valor, Jungaliss, Trapsy, Savage and Lit.



These navy royal and gold costumes offer something for all shapes and sizes. There are at least five options in this collection, all unique. And in true boujee-style, the collection offers a one-of-a-kind bejeweled headpiece that’s fit for a queen.


This section, designed by Whitneynco, has one option – a white, gold and green piece that is, for lack of a better word, biggity. The in-your-face design leaves little to the imagination and makes no apologies for it.


A costume from Hypnotic’s Biggity line.


Shop Evolve offers two Monday wear options with this collection. With netted arm pieces and gold accents, this collection is aggressive and spirited.


It may take a bit of courage to step out in this piece. A mix of coral and blues, this section is fearless. Designed by Karlene De Leon Almonte, out of Trinidad and Tobago, these pieces are sure to turn some heads.


A sizzling mix of red and leopard print, this daring section is bringing the heat. But before you decide to go with this group, you may want to ask yourself this question: How brazen are you?


Any self-respecting jungaliss knows how to mix it up with her colors. This section manages to blend lime green, pink, orange, blue, white, black and tangerine and make it look good. Designed by Shi’Dor, this section may make the boujee, the biggity and even the feisty cross over to the dark side.

The Trapsy, Savage and Lit sections have yet to be debuted, but The Nassau Guardian’s Lifestyle section can tell you that they will be something to see.

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